Is Your Low Back Pain Only from Low Back Itself

Is your low back pain only from the lower back?? It may actually be from tightness of your leg muscles!

When we have low back pain (LBP), we tend to focus on lower back only as the main cause. However, many muscles and other tissues are connected to pelvis and spines, so some of those muscles could contribute to the cause of your symptoms. I found one interesting article about this topic.

In this research, 20 people with chronic low back pain (age range 20 to 40 years old) had a six-week physiotherapy session. The programs are stretching exercises for muscles of the back, iliopsoas, hamstrings and gastrocnemius, and strengthening exercises for the abdominal muscles three times per week. As outcome measures, pain level, functions of low back with questionnaire and range of motion of trunk flexion were assessed.

As a result, pain level was significantly decreased. Range of movement of spinal flexion and the functions of low back were also improved.

In our normal life, bending forward is one of the most common tasks. However, when we think about the movement anatomically, to bend your body forward, your spines of your low back and pelvis are required to move together smoothly. If alternative pattern of your back movements kick in, you feel more load on your back and it might be cause of your LBP. In addition, hamstrings are attached to pelvis. Sometimes tightness of hamstrings could be related to your LBP because tight hamstrings prevent anterior tilt of your pelvis when you bend forward. Moreover, hamstrings have connection with calf muscles, such as Gastrocnemius and Soleus. Thus, if your calf is tight, it might be influenced to your symptoms of your low back.

In total, we might need to think about broadly LBP, not only back itself. Gaining flexibility of your lower leg, in particular your hamstrings and calf could be also important for your recovery.

If you are currently suffering from LBP, you can start stretching your legs. However, it is very important for you to know what the main cause of your LBP is. So, if you are wondering how you can improve your condition, please make an appointment with us. Our physiotherapist will assess and tell you which treatment will be the best for your improvement. We will be happy to help you during your session.

Physical Therapy Program for the Management of Chronic Mechanical Low Back Pain, Bull. Fac. Ph. Th. Cairo Univ., Vol. 18, No. (1) Jan. 2013





普段の生活において、体を前に曲げるというのは一般的な動きだと思いますが、その動きを解剖学的に考えた時に、背骨と骨盤が一緒にスムーズに動くことが求められます。もし異なったパターンで動いた場合、腰に余計な負荷がかかり腰痛につながる可能性も考えられます。それに加えて、ハムストリングスは骨盤についており、前屈する時にハムストリングスが硬いと骨盤が上手く前に傾いてくれません。なおかつ、ハムストリングス はふくらはぎの筋肉ともつながりがあるため、ふくらはぎの硬さも腰痛に関連があるかもしれません。

総合して、腰痛を腰だけにフォーカスするのではなくて、広い目で見ていく必要があるかもしれません。特にハムストリングス やふくらはぎの柔軟性を得ることも腰痛の改善に関わってくる可能性があります。