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Occupational therapy can help you return to your daily life after experiencing trauma, illness, or a disability. This unique type of therapy aims to help you relearn vital skills so that you can return to school, work, participate in community events, and living life more fully.The focus of occupational therapy is to utilize holistic means to adapt to the environments and necessary tasks. This could mean reintegrating certain activities, skills or routines back into your life. It can support mental and emotional health, reestablish independence, and help create a more fulfilling life for you.

What To Expect During Your Visit

Your visit will typically start with an evaluation of your individual needs and circumstance. You may choose to work with your family and your occupational therapist to decide on your goals. Together you will determine a course of action to improve your skills, regain functions, establish a routine, and reach your unique goals.

Your occupational therapist will ask about the details of your workplace and the required tasks if you are seeking occupational therapy to help you return to your job after a work-related injury. They may make recommendations for how to prevent future injuries and educate you on how the injury may have occurred. They may teach you exercises that will help strengthen weakened muscles and retrain your movements to be more stable.

What Occupational Therapy Can Treat?

Occupational therapy can be appropriate for individuals in many different circumstances and of all ages. It can help you if you need specialized assistance with returning to an independent lifestyle or regaining the ability to be productive, do self-care activities, or return to your routine. They may be able to help you regain your ability to be active and lead a satisfying life after sustaining an illness or injury that has restricted your ability to function.

An occupational therapist can help children who are struggling with activities of daily life, coordination, organizational skills, or with focusing. It can be an effective therapy for those with Autism in developing life skills. They can also help you if you’ve suffered from a neurological or neuromuscular injury such as a stroke, a brain injury or a spinal cord injury.

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  • It can help to restore cognitive function if you have suffered from an illness or injury that has affected your mental health.
  • It can help you to discover new tools and strategies to create a more fulfilling daily routine and lifestyle.
  • It can be effective in helping you to achieve a healthier lifestyle and improve your overall health.
  • It can help children to develop important life skills, confidence and independence.
  • It may be able to help you develop or restore important skills required in participating in social activities and community events.
  • It can help to prevent future injuries through learning about creating a safer environment and utilizing skills that can protect your health.