What A Perth Wellness Centre Sponsorship Provides

Perth Wellness Centre offers a unique sporting club and athlete sponsorship program to help both amateur and professional athletes continue doing what they love and performing healthy, pain-free, and at their highest level of performance.

Sponsorships May Include:

  • Discounted rates for staff and team members on Perth Wellness Centre allied health services
  • Management of additional medical requirements and referrals to surgeons, doctors, specialists, etc.
  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Sports taping / Kinesio taping
  • Access to on-field and/or on-site medical practitioners at your games and events
  • Performance Enhancement Programs
  • Pre-Game preparation
  • Social Media Support
  • Student / Trainer Mentorship Programs
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Perth-Bayswater is the oldest operational rugby club in Western Australia, founded in 1906. Our Club continues to maintain a strong focus on inclusiveness and building a rich family culture. We have one of the strongest Junior Clubs in the competition fielding over 300 boys and girls every season, and a Senior Club fielding teams in Premier Grade down to Fourth grade, 18’s, 20’s and a Golden Oldies team.


The Royals were established in 1976 when the Postal Institute (Royal Mail) and Belgrade Soccer Club merged. There has always been something different about Perth Royals. The tenacity and determination displayed by players, coaches and management on and off the pitch has created a successful and unique football culture.


The South Perth United Football Club was formed in 1981 with an initial membership of just 20 members. From our humble beginnings, we have grown in line with the phenomenal growth in the popularity of the sport of soccer itself in Australia. In fact, the growth in the club’s player membership has even accelerated over the last five years, where membership approaches 250 including seniors and juniors.


The Mt Lawley/Inglewood Cricket Club (MLICC) was founded in 1977/78 as the Transmission Measurement Centre and affiliated with the Perth Mercantile Cricket Association. The club was one of the founding members of the Perth Cricket Association (PCA) and has continued a strong presence in the competition, remaining one of the envied clubs of the league and having a consistent presence in the finals.


The Perth Broncos are one of the oldest Gridiron clubs in Australia having formed in 1988 and won the first ever game of Gridiron in Perth against the Southside Seahawks 2-0. Yes, the sole score was a safety! The Broncos senior squad are the reigning Gridiron West champions after winning the clubs first senior championship in the 2012/13 season.


Considered by many the best-located tennis club in Australia, the Applecross Tennis Club was first established in 1900. Early courts were surfaced with crushed shells with the lines drawn with a stick. Often the courts were prone to flooding and a popular meeting place for ducks. Eventually, the courts were raised thus ending further enjoyment for the ducks.


Komang Arnawa rose to fame as a drug-free competitor in the International bodybuilding arena and twice holds the highest honour in the sport as Pro World Champion ( 2004 and 2005 ). He is also a performance nutrition specialist, and applies his knowledge, experience and science based principles, to reach and maintain physical, mental, social and spiritual health.


Perth Baseball Club proudly boasts having many of the most outstanding baseballers, coaches and administrators not only in this State but in Australia. Our Club has six senior grades, enabling players of all degrees of ability to enjoy their baseball, both on and off the field. We also have a strong Junior Program which gives opportunities to children from 8 to 18 years to participate and also receive top-level coaching.


The Northern Ice Hockey Association was founded in Perth, Western Australia, by Mr. Robert Cox, Mr. Shawn Cookson, and Ms. Caroline Roxburg in 2011. In 2015 12 teams competed, 3 in Juniors (including a Bantam Team), 8 in Senior Non-Checking (Division 1 and 2), and 1 in Super League. We presently play all our homes games at Xtreme Ice Arena, in Mirrabooka, WA, Australia.


The O'Mara Fitness gym, located at 4 Brown Street, East Perth WA has been cleverly designed for all people from all walks of life. If you are wanting to increase your general health & fitness, training for your chosen sport, or even wanting to compete in our IFBB WA events, we have a dedicated team of professionals that can guide and help you along your journey.