Zac Scampoli

Occupational Therapist - Wellness Consultant

Zac has been with the team at Perth Wellness for over 4 years now and combines his knowledge of the musculoskeletal conditions with his ergonomic consultations to deliver the appropriate treatment modality for his clients.

Ergonomic Consultations
Having close links with local law and accounting firms in Perth’s CBD, as well as the Department of Local Government, Zac is delivering comprehensive ergonomic consultations for the employees, adjusting workstations, and recommending appropriate equipment. Zac believes that by altering the environments we work in, we can slow down the progression of spinal degeneration and musculoskeletal conditions.

Athlete rehabilitation
Zac also plays and assists the players at South Perth United Football club, providing first aid, injury management and injury prevention. Playing for over 20 years, Zac has a natural understanding of the physical requirements and methods to prevent common injuries.

Soft Tissue Therapy
In conjunction with his external work, Zac works alongside the chiropractors and physiotherapists of Perth Wellness, performing soft tissue therapy to manage a range of chronic and acute conditions and provide a healthier lifestyle for his clients.

Quality of life can be improved through proper allied health care!