Perth Wellness is the leading provider of allied health services. We are committed to helping you improve your health and overall wellbeing!

Unhealthy employees take more sick days and are productive for fewer hours a month than healthy employees. Teaching your employees how to work better will help alleviate their sick time and boost their productivity.

What To Expect from Corporate Health Services

During the development of your Corporate Health and Wellness program, you will be an integral participant in the preparation of the plan itself. Your program can include components such as:

  • Employee health and wellness seminars
  • Musculoskeletal assessments
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Workplace massages
  • Return to work programs

Corporate Health Program Focus

The Corporate Health and Wellness program focuses on the prevention of future employee illness and injuries by educating your employees on how to avoid those illnesses and injuries.

If an employee is in the process of rehabilitating following a workplace injury, Perth Wellness will assist with their rehabilitation as well as educate them on how to avoid future injuries.

We will educate your employees on the prevention of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or other on-the-job injuries that may be caused by repetitive movement or lifting.

Perth Wellness will also come to your workplace and provide your employees with workplace massage. These massages can ease the stress of employees and executives alike. The workplace massage program is our most popular component of our Corporate Health and Wellness programs.

Why Corporate Health is Important for Your Organization

The Corporate Health and Wellness program’s most important function is raising employee awareness of health problems that are preventable. Our seminars can focus on not only prevention through awareness, but nutrition and healthy eating, exercise regimens, and stress management practices.

The program will also help you address your organizational health and safety concerns. These concerns go hand-in-hand with teaching your employees how to best prevent injuries, accidents, and other work-related stress. Some of the prevention solutions are actually simple fixes that can make an immediate improvement in the organization.

It is proven that employee well-being is contingent on a work-life balance. If the employee cannot balance these two things appropriately, one of the two will suffer if not both. Good employees are hard to find. Keeping them healthy can be easy with the right in-house programs such as an effective health and wellness program.

These programs are effective for every level of the organization. Executive stress can be a contributing factor to lowered productivity within the workplace. If all levels of the organization learn how to prevent both injury and stress, then productivity will be not only raised but sustainable.

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