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An important part of a corporate health and wellness initiative is a strong return to work program. When an employee has been injured on the job, their return is something that can seem overwhelming if they don’t know what to expect.

With set protocols for returning to work, the employee has help reintegrating into the workplace. Workers who are unable to perform their usual duties are able to return on a light duty basis while they complete their rehabilitation. This ultimately allows the employee to maintain productivity and therefore feel valued.

What To Expect from a Return to Work Program

A successful return to work program can lead to a reduction in on the job injuries, reduced sick leave, enhanced productivity and performance, and greater employee satisfaction.

The process begins with early positive contact from the employee’s supervisor. The injured employee receives encouragement through every step of their recovery. They are brought into an effective workplace rehabilitation program. They experience cooperation, consultation, and coordination through every step of their recovery.

Employers assistance with the worker’s compensation claims helps the employee manage the claims process with little to no confusion. This environment of teamwork is healthier overall.

What is Involved in a Return to Work Program?

To put a strong program in place within your organization, you first need to gain support from corporate leadership. Everyone must be involved in order for this to be effective. A positive return to business culture at every level of the organization is imperative to the program’s success.

Detailed job descriptions and modified duty options must be available so that the injured employee knows what to expect. There also needs to be an established coordinator within the Human Resources Department so that there is a clear supervisory chain of command.

Team members and supervisory personnel need to be trained as to what their participation will need to be in the event one of their employees is injured.

How a Return to Work Program Helps Your Organization

Being injured on the job can be a terrifying ordeal for some. Knowing that their employer has their back and cares about their well-being can make for a smoother recovery. Combine that with the amount of money an organization can save by reintegrating their injured employees back into the workplace makes a return to work program an all-around win-win situation.

Perth Wellness is ready is ready to help you set up your return to work program and to aid in the rehabilitation through physiotherapy, chiropractic, and counseling services. Our experienced team will provide you with an excellent foundation to build upon.

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  • Rehabilitating a knowledgeable worker back into the workforce following an injury means that the company doesn’t have to hire and train someone new.
  • Shows employees that the organization values them which improves morale in the workplace.
  • Maintain exceptional employer-employee relationships.
  • Decreases the amount of time the injured employee is off the job by enabling them to come back to lighter duties that fit into any medical restriction that might be in place.