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As a part of your ongoing Corporate Health and Wellness program, Perth Wellness will come into your workplace and provide workplace massages to your employees. These massage programs are designed to increase health and happiness among your employees.

What To Expect from Workplace Massages

For the workplace massage program, your employees can expect to receive a treatment that is customized for them paying attention to their individual needs. The personalization will be prepared in response to the muscle assessments they received during the ergonomics assessment.

In addition to the massage, the employee will be able to discuss one-on-one with their Perth Wellness representative their needs and their improvements due to changes already made in the workplace.

What Workplace Massages Treat

Workplace massage programs treat all musculoskeletal issues that may be the result of deeply ingrained workplace behaviors that existed prior to any ergonomic improvements that have been made. It is also an important aspect of a return to work program for those employees who may have had an extended medical leave.

This program also treats any carpal tunnel symptoms and postural deficits. An important part of it is continued musculoskeletal and ergonomics assessments that a key part of our Corporate Health program.

How Workplace Massages Help Your Organization

The workplace massage program is an essential part of your personalized Corporate Health program. Individuals will benefit from a reduction in pain, an increase in the relaxation in the muscles, improved mood, and better quality of sleep. They will also see not only more energy but healthier energy. They will be more motivated to perform because they know that the company cares about the individuals in addition to the bottom line.

When an employee is tense, he or she tends to make mistakes. Relieving their tension through workplace massages will bring down the number of mistakes made. Massage also helps increase the blood flow which can serve to make one more alert and therefore more productive.

Massage is also a very effective treatment for depression issues. Other employees pick up on these feeling of tension and depression, and by relieving these issues for one employee, we actually relieve any symptoms that might arise in those working closely with them.

Workplace Massage programs are increasing in popularity. The improvement to the overall culture in the workplace is undeniable, and the employees know that they really are cared for.

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The benefits of the Corporate Health Workplace Massage program will ultimately help you improve productivity and performance levels within your organization. As an integral part of Perth Wellness’ Corporate Health program, the Workplace Massage program is a popular addition to continued ergonomics awareness in the workplace.

  • Attract top talent to your open positions
  • Reduce anxiety in the individual employees
  • Increase your employee retention numbers while decreasing sick days and worker’s compensation claims
  • Reduce healthcare costs for both the organization and the individual employees
  • Increase your employee’s feelings of wellbeing
  • Improve overall job performance
  • Improve morale in the workplace