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Corporate health and wellness can keep your employees healthier and happier, and decrease the number of sick days they might take. These programs are designed to take a holistic approach where wellness goals are set by creating habits for your employees that are healthier in nature. Perth Wellness Corporate Wellness programs assist in the reduction of repeated work strain injuries, decreasing executive stress, preventing workplace injuries and assisting in the rehabilitation when they do occur. Ultimately, a successful Corporate Health and Wellness program can increase workplace satisfaction leading to heightened productivity.

Unhealthy employees take more sick days and are productive for fewer hours a month than healthy employees. Teaching your employees how to work better will help alleviate their sick time and boost their productivity.

What To Expect from the Seminar

Health and Wellness Seminars usually are scheduled to last for 50 minutes with a 10 minute question and answer period following. They are interactive as our instructors will provide various tips towards better nutrition, employee safety, diet, stress reduction, or anything that could provide better health to your employees.

What is Covered During the Seminar?

The key to a successful seminar is getting your employees to attend. By making the topics interesting makes them want to attend. The bottom line for organizational success rests on every employee being involved in making that organization successful. Your Health and Wellness Seminars could cover things like:

  • Safety In The Workplace: Are you taking enough breaks?
  • My back is killing me: Stretches you can do at work to relieve stress and tension
  • The High Cost of Injury on the Job: Avoiding injury
  • My Scale Hates Me: Better nutrition for better health

Have fun with setting them up. If the employee enjoys himself then he is more likely to want to attend other ones. You could incorporate workplace massages or spinal assessments as part of the curriculum. You want your employees to be active participants in the health and wellness programs in order for the program to be effective.

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A successful health and wellness program comes down to if the employees are interested in making it work. By giving them something that they can take away from their seminar, the better chance you have of the program being a success. Here are the benefits that would come from one of the above suggestions:

  • Are you taking enough breaks? The successful outcome with this one would be seeing your employees incorporating the stress reduction tips that are recommended.
  • My back is killing me! This seminar could incorporate either a workplace massage or yoga to teach your employees how to relax.
  • The High Cost of Injury. This seminar would be best served by reviewing organizational health and safety protocols. Sometimes employees might become lazy when it comes to workplace safety and a brief reminder could turn that around.
  • My Scale Hates Me. Teaching nutritional dos and don’ts can be effective towards the overall health of the organization. If employees take good nutrition ideas to heart, they will experience weight loss and better health and wellbeing.