What A Perth Wellness Life Alliance Program Provides

Life Alliance is an alliance of passionate health professionals from various backgrounds banding together to provide corporate workplaces with Health Solutions. We are here to help individuals and corporations determine what their specific health goals are and identify the best solutions in achieving them. Each corporation has the potential for greater control of health outcomes, improved productivity and an enhancement in corporate culture. Perth Wellness – Life Alliance.

.Perth Wellness Centre - Life Alliance - DiagramWe work closely with our clients to monitor results in ensuring that optimal health and productivity can be achieved physically, chemically and emotionally.

Why Corporate Health?

Corporate health and wellness can keep your employees healthier and happier, and decrease the number of sick days they might take. Our Life Alliance program is designed to take a holistic approach where wellness goals are set by creating habits for your employees that are healthier in nature.

This corporate wellness program assists in the reduction of repeated work strain injuries, decreasing executive stress, preventing workplace injuries and assisting in the rehabilitation when they do occur.

  • Our research indicates that unhealthy employees average a staggering number of 18 sick days off work compared to just 1-2 sick days of their healthy counterparts.
  • Unhealthy employees are only productive for an average of 49 hours each month compared to healthy employees who are productive for 140 hours.
  • An estimated 31% of the burden of disease in Australia is easily preventable by implementing early strategies.

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Life Alliance Services:

We have partners across Australia capable of providing a solution for any of your corporate health needs. Corporate Life Alliance services include:

  • Planning for Health Seminars
  • Corporate Health Planning
  • Health Concierges
  • Medical Assessments
  • Corporate Health Solutions
  • Lifestyle training and guidance
  • Easy access to leading health practitioners
  • Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

Program Goals:

By combining traditional and complementary medicine, we believe we can help provide a plan that improves your long-term health outcomes. We seek to:

  • Provide Workplaces and Individuals with a Health Plan
  • Reduce Sick Time Off Work
  • Raise Awareness of Preventable Health Problems
  • Assist the Building of Healthy and Productive Work Environments
  • Reduce the Burden of Diseases

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