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Sunday and After Hours Physiotherapy Appointments!

The Perth Wellness Centre Physiotherapy Department has been providing its clients with quality weekend and after-hours service care for over 7 years. Our desire to care for the people of Perth ensures that we have a dedicated team member on standby to carry out Weekend, after-hours and Public Holiday appointments, at your convenience, with as little wait time as possible.

Posture Program at Perth Wellness

Posture is needed for our performance in daily life activities such as work, sport, leisure activities and self-care (Lahovski and Paulson, 2012). However poor posture can be caused by extended sitting or standing, prolonging muscle contractions holding postures and therefore, causing abnormalities.

Tips on Managing Allergies in Perth, Australia

An allergic reaction is, in essence, your body's way of reacting to a potentially dangerous foreign unknown invader in the only way it knows how to. When your body encounters a potential threat in the form of an allergen most commonly, certain types of food

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