Dr. Cheran Ruben

Chiropractor - Sports Coordinator - Wellness Consultant

Dr. Cheran Ruben graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chiropractic and Bachelor of Chiropractic (BChiro) from Murdoch University. Originating from Malaysia, Cheran decided to continue his stay in Western Australia after finishing his degree to further develop his knowledge and skills in a patient centered practice.

Cheran is passionate about sports and currently sits on the Board as vice president for sports chiropractic Australia (WA).

His keen interest and enthusiasm in sports has lead him to coordinate injury management and recovery programs with a few local sports clubs in WA such as the Perth Bayswater Rugby Union Club, Perth Royals Football Club, Perth Football Club, South Perth United Football Club and Applecross Tennis Club, where he works alongside coaches, managers & physiotherapists regarding rehabilitation, sports training, strength & conditioning and of course sports chiropractic treatments.

He has also had the privilege to work at many sporting events like The Hopman Cup, International surfing event in Durban, South Africa, City to Surf marathon, HBF run for reason and other community sporting events.

“I am committed to a lifelong journey in learning and am enthusiastic to learn more about specialist treatment techniques in the dynamic Chiropractic field of wellness. I bring highly developed oral communication skills and the ability to tailor language to suit different audiences to the chiropractic profession. This comes from vast experience with treating clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. I also believe in a high standard of ethics and confidentiality when dealing with patients and colleagues. My aim is to one day be able to promote wellness at a global level and to become an Ambassador of Sports Chiropractic. I hope to someday be representing the profession in internationally renowned sporting events”.

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