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Improper Manual Handling is the leading cause of work-related injuries. Not being trained as to the proper way to lift, push, and pull things can lead to problematic posturing which can make a repetitive movement situation downright dangerous.

Manual handling, even when done properly, can cause stress to the musculoskeletal system. Repetitive movements required in those positions that require a lot of manual labor can take their toll. Training your employees the proper way to conduct their duties can reduce a lot of that musculoskeletal stress.

Perth Wellness Centre offers Manual Handling Training as an important aspect of their corporate health and wellness program. A risk assessment is first conducted to identify those departments where improper manual handling has caused the most downtime among the employees.

What Should You Expect from Manual Handling Training?

From the beginning of the risk assessment, your company can expect to see changes that will make your workplace safer. Workspaces will be redesigned to support the healthiest way for those employees to do their jobs.

Once the design is complete, the employees will be required to attend a training session that will instruct them on the best way to carry out manual handling tasks. It will also help raise awareness of those behaviors that have, in the past, led to on the job injury.

How Manual Handling Training Helps Your Organization

Manual Handling Training is an important component of a corporate health and wellness initiative. Since the inception of these programs, there is an overall greater awareness of what it takes to stay healthy both on the job and in the home.

Manual Handling has long been one of the biggest causes of on the job injury because training employees the right way to push, pull, and lift objects was not a priority. With a greater appreciation of what leads to this type of injury has come more standardized ways of doing things.

Manual Handling Training should not only be required of employees whose job requires this constant physical activity. Every employee should be required to take this training as physical activity does cross over into every job at one point or another.

Trusting Perth Wellness with your Manual Handling Training allows you to focus on the benefits and not worry as much about the causes. Our experience with the extensive treatment of these types of injuries makes us more aware of what your employees might be doing wrong and what the most important part of the learning will be.

As part of your Corporate Health Initiative, we can also conduct regular risk assessments to ensure that what is taught during training is practiced during the course of every work day

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Having your employees attend a comprehensive Manual Handling Training program can serve your organization in numerous ways. Benefits of incorporating this program include:

  • Decrease in on-the-job injuries and therefore worker compensation claims.
  • When everyone learns the same methods, they can monitor each other and catch potential problems before they become injuries.
  • Healthier employees who are more conscious of how to stay healthy.
  • Healthier employer-employee relations.
  • Gives the employees the ability to take responsibility for their own workplace performance.
  • A healthier and happier workplace which equals higher morale and greater employee retention numbers.