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Most of us do not have perfectly symmetrical bodies. You may not notice a big difference when one of your legs is slightly longer but it may still alter the way you walk. One side of your brain is often more dominant which can result in over-using one side of your body. These minor differences can develop slight or dramatic misalignments. Over time this can lead to problems in the joints or create overworked muscles.

When traditional means such as physical therapy, surgery, and exercise have not been able to resolve the problem, you may be facing a problem that is rooted in postural misalignment. Postural screening and restoration can help you identify these minor asymmetries that are creating large problems, and then work to correct these habits and patterns.

What To Expect During Your Visit

With postural restoration treatment, you will typically be addressing your problems with an integrative and holistic approach. After providing a medical history, you will undergo a postural screening that can identify the contributing factors. Your chiropractor will perform an examination where they will look at your spine, evaluate your joints and muscles, check your range of motion, and identify misalignments in your body.

They may ask you questions to understand your circumstances better such as about your symptoms, if you have any pain or if you have any trouble sleeping. Be sure to provide the details about your situation and let them know if you’ve had any injuries or surgeries.

Postural restoration treatment will usually include utilizing special exercises that help to build strength in weakened muscles and retrain your brain how to perform movements correctly. They may also make postural recommendations to practice throughout your day. You may also be recommended to utilize other services, such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture or therapeutic massage to improve treatment.

If your misalignments or asymmetries are affecting your feet, teeth, breathing or vision, you may be recommended to see a physician in those fields. They can then work with your dentist, podiatric, or optometrist to improve symptoms that are interrelated.

What Posture Screening & Restoration Can Treat

Postural misalignments can cause many symptoms such as trouble sleeping, tension in the head or neck, migraines or headaches, joint or muscle injuries, chronic fatigue, sprains, pulled muscles, pinched nerves, respiratory issues, brain fog, scoliosis, TMJ, low stamina, sciatica, back pain, shoulder or neck pain, knee pain, hip pain, and many other conditions. Seek postural screening if you believe your symptoms or problems are connected to misalignment or if you have not received a postural screening for several years or following a traumatic accident.

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  • It can reduce pain and tension in the neck or shoulders.
  • It can reduce the frequency of headaches or migraines.
  • It can help treat dental issues and breathing problems.
  • It may improve your eyesight or correct tension-related vision problems.
  • It can improve flexibility, range of motion, and overall strength.