Welcome to the Perth Wellness Community Quest Fund Raising Page.

For more than a decade Perth Wellness has been doing charity events between Christmas and New Year. On selected days patients, family, and friends make bookings for examinations and treatments.

One these special days 100% of the treatment fees are given to charities such as Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Research, Peron Institute, Hands on India for orphans, and they helped build a bathroom for one our young patients with special needs.


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Profits from the products sold through Community Quest will go to a charity or fund raiser nominated by those purchasing products. There has been nothing like this, so we are excited!

Though the generosity and support of patients and the giving of the Perth Wellness staff over $80,000 has been raised and given to these wonderful institutions. This year funds raised will go to Muscular Dystrophy, a small charity will big needs.


This is a win/win situation. You get great products and profits go to a charity, club, or individual that need help.

Perth Wellness is teaming with Community Quest to promote our Charity/Fundraising efforts. All patients treated on the Perth Wellness Charity day will receive free membership to Community Quest (valued at $10). This will enable them access to quality health produces, with the easy of ordering online. When purchasing it will be helping charities or community clubs needing help.

These are exceptional initiatives to help build a better community. As everyone uses Community Quest it will be doing something good for families, yourself, and the community.

So please support Perth Wellness Charity day on the 28th December at 9 Colin Street West Perth and support Community Quest to build better communities!