Headaches and dizziness can be caused by a variety of factors. Occupational Therapists assist with this by analysing your activities of daily living and making the necessary adjustments. Occupational therapy treatment for headaches and dizziness consists of the following:

Occasionally, the headaches may derive from trigger points located in our neck and shoulder. As a result the muscles become much tighter and can restrict blood flow, occasionally causing dizziness. Trigger point therapy consists of sustained deep pressure into the trigger points of the muscle which may be causing the headache. The headache referrals should alleviate shortly after applying the technique.

Occupational therapy aims to identify daily activities which may be increasing your likelihood of developing trigger points and experiencing headaches and dizziness. These activities involve sleeping, exercise, driving position and work-related tasks. After identifying these factors, adjustments are made based on the individual and may include pillow recommendations, adjustments to driving position or work-related restrictions.

Desk based work is a heavy contributing factor to musculoskeletal injuries. Our occupational therapists conduct ergonomic assessments to analyse all factors of your desk space. For headaches and dizziness, we would primarily observe monitor height, positioning and brightness, to analyse the risk of screen induced fatigue, eye-strain and headaches.

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