Omega 3 and Brain Function

Everyone is very concerned with their omega 3 levels and rightly so. Omega 3 is such an important nutrient that our body requires but are we getting enough? And is what we are getting good enough for our bodies?

Research has shown omega 3 fatty acid status correlates positively with brain plasticity and intelligence. In this way, omega 3 supports executive functioning, memory and emotion.

Let alone all the other health benefits it can provide eg. Immunity support, support vascular structures, support heart function by decreasing blood pressure, depression, RA support, infant development and much more.

How to get omega 3 in the diet? Fish including Mullet, salmon (Australian and Atlantic), rainbow trout and mackerel are the biggest sources. Plant-based forms include; chia seeds, walnuts, flaxseed, soy and linseed bread, lean meats and cheddar cheese.