New Perth Wellness Centre Location in Fremantle, WA

Many individuals are discovering the many benefits of choosing Perth Wellness Centre for the innovative and effective holistic health care that is practiced here. This is a multi-disciplinary healthcare practice with several top-notch and highly trained health and wellness specialists all conveniently located under one roof.

Perth Wellness Centre is pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Freemantle, WA on February 1, 2021. This new facility will provide all the many outstanding services that loyal clients have come to love and appreciate that the original West Perth location offers along with some exciting new services as well.

Cutting-Edge Health & Wellness Services Available in Fremantle

Residents living near the new Perth Wellness Centre situated in Fremantle, WA will have the opportunity to enjoy all the stellar health and wellness services that include Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Corporate Health, Occupational Therapy and Psychology.

In addition, this holistic health and wellness practice will offer these additional cutting-edge services that include:

Areas That the New Fremantle, WA Centre Will Serve

This new and beautiful locale is conveniently located in Fremantle, WA. The business address is at 70 Cantonment St., Fremantle, WA 6160.

The geographical service areas for this practice include Fremantle and the neighboring suburbs of:

  • North Fremantle
  • South Fremantle
  • East Fremantle
  • Palmyra
  • Bicton
  • Mosman Park
  • Attadale
  • Kardinya
  • Spearwood
  • Coogee
  • Beaconsfield
  • Willagee
  • Melville
  • Myaree

Understanding Why Holistic Healthcare Is Better Overall

Most healthcare institutions and practices in this country offer a narrowed method to healthcare and ongoing well-being of the many inhabitants in these entities’ area of service. More medical doctors and other caregivers tend to focus on each patient’s current symptoms rather than look further to find any underlying causes of these symptoms.

Holistic based healthcare, on the other hand, seeks to treat the entire person and not just the symptoms that they present with on any given day. This type of healthcare can be more effective, and when there is a multi-disciplinary practice, like Perth Wellness Centre, continuity of care is also better.

Holistic healthcare can lessen the chances that something will be missed in communication with other members of the treatment team all in different locations. Many holistic healthcare practitioners prefer more natural based treatments and therapies.

The Fremantle Perth Wellness Centre Offers New Treatment Options

The convenient and gorgeous new Perth Wellness Centre in Fremantle also offers exciting new treatment options. Take time to consider taking advantage of some revolutionary classes in various modalities of Pilates and currently much sought after Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) classes taught in a comprehensive manner.