Pain Between the Shoulder Blades?

Generally symptoms of mid back pain or pain between the shoulder blades are caused by poor posture. The patient’s chest will normally be flat, if not concave and their shoulders will be pulled forward. You may also notice that they may also have a forward head carriage as shown in the photo below.

Shoulder blades

Patient may experience nagging pain between their shoulder blades, usually on just one side of their back but sometimes both sides. This type of pain symptoms arise from trigger points from affected muscle groups.

The Rhomboid muscle trigger points tend to persist longer than others. The Rhomboid muscles are located between the spine and the scapula in the mid-back region. It lies deep to the trapezius muscle and is composed of the rhomboid major and minor muscles.

The function of the rhomboid muscle is to retract and stabilize the shoulder blade during various movements of the shoulder and arm. Contracting as a whole, the rhomboid muscles pull the shoulder blade towards the spine. It also functions to elevate the shoulder blade and rotate the shoulder blade so that it lowers the shoulder joint.

The Rhomboid muscles are weakened and inhibited by the rounded-shoulder/sunken chest posture that is quite common today.

Shoulder pain

If you suffer from this pain, please call us today and ask us how we can help you. Chiropractic care and Physiotherapy may assist you with your shoulder pain.

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By Dr. Cheran Ruben  BChiro, BSc(Chiro)


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