Sunday & Public Holiday Chiropractic Appointments

Pain and stiffness in our joints, muscles and bones can become debilitating if these symptoms go on for a time period. Sports injuries, work mishaps and slip and fall events may all result in serious discomfort. When a body is in enough pain, it can disrupt the person’s daily routine.

Sports, Falls or Other Injuries Should Be Treated A.S.A.P.

If an injury occurs during times when doctor’s offices and most rehabilitation clinics are closed, there could be a delay in getting the proper treatment. That delay may further cause greater discomfort and could impact the person’s ability to walk, sit comfortably or move without making the pain and other discomforts even worse than when the injury first took place.

Injuries to the musculoskeletal system should ideally be treated immediately or A.S.A.P. When treatment is delayed, the risk of complications and increasing levels of pain becomes higher. Damage to the back and neck needs prompt care. Muscles and nerves can become irritated and inflamed creating a body response that may result in swelling, bruising or other complications.

Find a Chiropractor Centre That Offers Emergency Appointments

Someone who pulls their back out of alignment at work or while playing sports should be quickly assessed by a team of healthcare professionals with the qualification to evaluate and treat these types of issues.

It is possible to find a chiropractic centre that offers their clients emergency and after-hours appointments so that the appropriate therapies and treatments can begin right away. Likewise, a bad ankle sprain, a dislocated shoulder or a neck injury due to a car collision are all situations when seeking treatment should happen sooner rather than later.

Appointments Are Available on Sundays & Public Holidays as Well

Certain injuries that cause pain, stiffness and limits mobility will only get much worse if the accident happens on a Sunday or a public holiday. Since public holidays often fall on a Monday or Friday, those holiday weekends can seem longer than they are if someone has to deal with their pain for an extended time.

Always check to see if a healthcare provider offers Sunday and public holiday appointments beforehand. There is no need to ruin an entire weekend just waiting for healthcare facilities to open their doors two, three or more days later. Don’t risk making your pain and injuries worse. Many of the appropriate treatments should begin early to reap the full benefits of each one.

Where to Find a Competent & Dedicated Team Ready to Help

A dedicated team of healthcare providers at a chiropractic and wellness practice are there when you need them. Contact Perth Wellness Centre for further details.

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