Proprioception and chiropractic

We know that chiropractic adjustments aim to affect the nervous system to improve overall spinal function but what about balance and proprioception?

Titled “Spinal stretch reflexes support efficient hand control featured in the journal ‘ Nature of neuroscience’ examines this. The study measured the latency/lag human response time to maintain a position to determine whether the reflex process was happening in the brain or in the spinal cord- it concluded that the response and lag time that our bodies use to maintain our sense of joint position- proprioception- is done faster than the time it takes for the message to reach our brains to produce specific movement. This is the stretch reflex mechanism and shows that proprioception did in fact happen in our nerves and spine.

This study illustrates the effect of the spine on our body’s position in space. Chiropractic improves the overall function, health, and mobility of the spine so it is a given that it has effects on proprioception.




Weiler, J.,Gribble, P.L., & Pruszynski, J. A. (2019). Spinal stretch reflexes support efficient hand control. Nature Neuroscience,  https:/ / 10.1038 / s41593-019-0336-0 retrieved September 27 2022