Why Your Chiropractor is Recommending Pilates

Many people suffer from some type of back or neck pain. This could be due to improper alignment of the spinal column and neck. Certain activities may strain the back, hips, legs, neck or other body parts if not performed in the correct way and manner. Certain ailments, standing for too long or playing contact sports are other causes of back/spine/neck pain.

Learn why your chiropractor is recommending Pilates.

What Causes Back Strain or Pain?

Lifting heavy objects in a repetitive process, like some factory work, may result in sprains, strains and various other ailments that can result in pain and other discomforts. Being on your feet for extended time periods or sitting in one position working at a computer can also cause pain in the neck, shoulders, hips, buttocks and legs. Constantly typing on a keyboard can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

Car accident injuries, surgical complications, being overweight and engaging in strenuous activity without taking the safeguards needed to prevent injury may all result in lumbar back pain or other related discomforts.

The History of Pilates Down Through the Years

A German citizen by the name of Joseph Pilates was the one who developed the exercise form that we call Pilates today. This happened in the year 1912 when living in England traveling with a circus. Originally, this technique was named Contrology. Most historians paint Joseph Pilates as one who was rather sickly and frail as a child and young man.

As a result, he came up with some novel methods and gym equipment designed to relieve strained back and other muscles while providing the back and neck enough support to be in the perfect alignment or posture. Some of this equipment is still in use today although modernized.

In the 1920’s, Pilates moved with his wife Clara to the United States where they opened a gym in New York City. Students took classes, and some students became instructors. Pilates spread across the country and overseas.

Benefits of Pilates Workouts for Back Related Pain Management

Pilates, as the technique was renamed after its developer died, strengthens the spine from the neck down. The slow and precise workout stretches and poses help to gently stretch sore, stiff and painful body joints without straining the back. This controlled motion keeps the practitioner focused on their breathing and teaches mindfulness an effective method to decrease anxiety naturally.

Pilates focuses on strengthening core muscles and loosening those muscles that are responsible for back/spine support. These moves also improve flexibility in hips and shoulders.

Some Precautions Before Starting a Pilates Class

Always see your doctor before starting any exercise program especially if you have chronic back pain. Make sure the Pilates instructor has the proper certifications to teach the class. Consider working with a trainer to develop a customized Pilates routine to ensure that your back and neck are supported properly to avoid further strain or injury.

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