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Sports injuries can interfere with every aspect of your life. Our patient-centered approach will help you focus on your specific goals for recovery by developing a balance between physical, chemical, and emotional treatments. To achieve this, you might work with your physiotherapist, your chiropractor, your medical doctor or surgeon, and a massage therapist among others.

What All Is Involved in Sports Rehabilitation?

Every sports injury is different as is every patient. In the process of getting you back into competitive form, our staff will coordinate with your coaches, trainers, and medical doctors and surgeons to make sure that all of your needs are recognized.

Sports rehabilitation is done in varying stages throughout your recovery. Each stage will require different treatments and protocols. This is especially true if you have had surgery. We also don’t want you trying to do too much too soon. Part of an effective rehabilitation program is ensuring that injury prevention is incorporated into every stage.

A sports injury is a complex thing. Each one has potential subsequent problems that need to be considered during the assessment and planning communications between every member of your treatment team.

Your rehabilitation plan will start out slowly as we assess your injury or postoperative condition. You won’t be required to push yourself more than you are physically capable as determined by your team. As your body heals, your rehabilitation will become more rigorous. Finally, you will find yourself at your peak and can return to your athletic endeavors.

What to Expect During Your Sports Rehabilitation Treatment

The primary goal of sports rehabilitation is to help the patient return to or exceed the levels at which they were competitive prior to their injury. Rehabbing from an injury is never easy. We hope that our sports rehabilitation program will make your rehab a little easier.

Everyone with injuries requiring our sports rehabilitation services has different needs from every other patient. We develop a rehabilitation plan specifically for you focusing on your specific therapeutic needs and personal goals.

For any professional athlete, it can be a daunting process. For a lesser trained athlete, the process can be completely overwhelming. At Perth Wellness Centre, we approach sports rehabilitation with a holistic systems approach.

Benefits of our Sports Rehabilitation

The benefits of our Sports Rehabilitation program are many. Having access to the best physiotherapists and rehabilitation staff guarantees that you will come away from the experience having met all of the goals of both your treatment team and you.

You will come away from the experience with new knowledge of how best to treat your body and prevent further injury. You will find yourself in a healthier place than where you began. Our staff is devoted to your health and wellness during treatment and beyond.

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