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Developed in the 1920’s, Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes core strength training and balanced development of the overall body. When done properly, the trainee will develop and focus on mindful awareness of their body and its flexibility.

Although Pilates today is often combined with other fitness and exercise methods, the original Pilates was not to be confused with various yoga exercise routines popular in Asian countries. It is possible today to find elements of certain yoga moves interspersed with more traditional Pilates classes.

Some examples of various Pilates class options include:

  • Classical Pilates
  • Contemporary Pilates
  • Mat Pilates
  • Winsor Pilates
  • Reformer Pilates
  • Stott Pilates & Others

Pilates can be combined with ballet and other dance training and used with yoga for a blended approach to exercise. Classes can also vary from individualized or group sessions. Pilates is offered here at Perth Wellness Centre, but it is only available at the Fremantle, WA location.

Benefits of Pilates

There are many terrific benefits of a Pilates exercise fitness routine. Some key benefits include improved core strength and stability, loosened muscles that become elongated and lean, prevention from injuries, overall better body coordination, improved balance and a decreased level of stress and/or anxiety.

Other compelling benefits of this exercise system include better posture, increased self-confidence, improved energy levels, less muscle, joint and bone stiffness, greater overall flexibility, a heightened mind-body awareness with purposeful attention to movements and breathing, greater enhancement of athletic abilities, lowered back and other body pain and discomforts.

Conditions That Pilates Can Help

Chiropractors and other medical professionals often recommend Pilates to help certain health conditions. These include post-accident injury rehabilitation for victims to promote healing and to help people with high levels of stress, anxiety or depression decrease their symptoms.

Pilates can also help insomnia sufferers and athletes wanting to increase maximum performance potential. This treatment is fantastic for seniors to improve balance and gait stability, and Pilates can be used after serious events like a heart attack, stroke or seizure disorder development among other situations.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Pilates?

Along with dancers and serious athletes, Pilates is terrific for anyone wanting to get into shape or feel better overall. Pilates can be individualized to suit just about anyone making it ideal for bed or chair bound patients. It’s used during rehab therapy following a stroke, serious illness, accident or after surgery.

Pilates is good for women during pregnancy with altered format and following birth to get back into pre-pregnancy shape faster. Pilates can help in patients with irritable bowel syndrome, joint/bone stiffness, back/neck pain, certain neurological disorders and other chronic diseases like autoimmune disorders, hip surgery rehabilitation, MS and more.

Different Types of Pilates Explained

Pilates can be done with fitness bands or without. This can be done while standing, or participants can do mat work which changes tension and resistance to make this treatment adaptable for anyone.

Perth Wellness offers these Pilates classes:

  • Regular and Clinical Pilates
  • Mat Pilates
  • Individual / Private Classes
  • Small Group Classes

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