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When you have experienced an injury or surgery that requires rehabilitation, which will get you to a certain point in your recovery. If you are looking to get into great shape or have experienced an injury or surgery, getting the right type of training and rehabilitation can aid your body in recovering from an injury or surgery. If you are looking to get back to pre-injury physical shape, then your next step should be in a Personal Training Program.

Personal Training Services are designed to help you realize your exact goals. Each program is customized for your individual needs. Personal Training focuses on each individual and what they most want and need from their experience.

With Personal Training Services from Perth Wellness Centre, your Personal Training will be incorporated into your total health and wellness plan. Your training classes will begin with warm-up stretches, activation, and mobilization. After you are warmed up, you will begin a program that is specifically designed for your personal goals.

If you are involved in a sport, whether individual or team, your strength and conditioning program will focus on helping you meet your athletic goals. These goals might be preparation for your team sport, enhancing your individual sport performance, or preventing future injuries.

Your personalized program will range anywhere from six to twelve weeks. You will commit to working out with your personal trainers and strength coaches four days every week. Each program will detail the exact amount of time where you will focus on the tempo of your workouts, length of rest periods, load progression, and intensity escalation. Each session will last from 45 to 120 minutes depending on your individual requirements.

Personal Training Expectations

When you begin your Personal Training journey, you can expect to have a program designed for you that will take into account any medical conditions or previous injuries. They will be designed to build your strengths and get you into peace condition.

You will not be expected to work beyond what your body can handle. You will be able to work out in an environment where you have access to all of the equipment located there. You will learn how to strengthen your body while avoiding injury.
Your Perth Wellness Endorsed Personal Trainer can work with your Physiotherapist, or Healthcare professional to aid you with any diagnosis or pre-existing conditions that you may have. They are focused on your getting back to the shape you were in before your injury or surgery and rehabilitation.

Conditions Treated

The Personal Training Program is an excellent follow up to the treatment and care received from your healthcare professional. Any conditions that you might have treated through either chiropractic care, surgery, other western medicine, and followed up by physical therapy is a candidate for Personal Training with your healthcare professional’s advice.

Examples of such conditions that would respond well to Personal Training and supervised exercises would be following injuries such as an ACL tear to the knee, a Rotator Cuff tear to the shoulder, several different back injuries, and neck injuries.

Services Offered by Our Personal Trainers

  • One on One Coaching
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Strength and Conditioning Sessions
  • Programming

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  • You will be better prepared to resume your sport.
  • Your recovery will be more complete.
  • You will be stronger and healthier.
  • You will learn how to exercise without injuring yourself.
  • You will have learned how to keep your body in its best shape.
  • You can work with your Personal Trainer on Weight Loss.
  • You can work with your Personal Trainer on Sporting Performance.
  • You can improve on your strength and conditioning.