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Radio calisthenics is designed to help you move your whole body. It is originally from Japan, and is familiar across all generations from small children to elderly people. This includes 13 components of exercises to improve flexibility and strength of the whole body. Imbalance in muscle strength and mobility can develop unconsciousyly through our daily activities. This can be seen amongst people in a gym who repeatedly to use similar parts of the body and can lead to potential injuries. You can use the calisthenics as a daily exercise or pre-workout preparation.

What To Expect During Your Session

When you begin the calisthenics, you can expect to use your body symmetrically and it would be helpful to prevent injuries. Thus, it is a great warm up for people who enjoy exercising. Not only that, through movement analysis, physiotherapists can notice which parts you have difficulties with, and create original exercise programs or treatment plan including hand-on techniques to improve your performance.

The calisthenics is for everyone from young to old people. In case of school aged children, you can bring our physiotherapist to your school to provide the calisthenics as a warming up and quick check up for their basic functional mobility level. Or, for elderly people, the therapist can visit a wide range of facilities, such as aged care to provide the calisthenics to maintain their general health. Even if the participants are unable to stay standing for a long time, our therapist can modify the components with sitting.

What Radio Calisthenics Treats

You can maintain your general health with calisthenics. If you remember the concept of calisthenics and do this every day, you can improve your agility independence. Moreover, you and your therapist will be able to notice which components you need to improve during the sessions and which would aid you in the future.

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