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Therapeutic sports massage is increasing in popularity among athletes whether the athlete is considered a professional or is more of a sports enthusiast. Professional massage is also gaining in traditional health care circles as a valid therapy that can help loosen up tightened muscles and may help encourage faster healing of overused muscles during intense training workouts or after competitive events.

Understanding the Goal of Sports Massage Therapy

Today, some highly trained physiotherapists work closely together with professional massage therapists to assess and pinpoint a person’s current function and movement level as it relates to muscle groups and the musculoskeletal system. The goal of a sports massage regimen is to aid the athlete in decreasing their muscle recovery downtime after the body has been over used and otherwise strained. This helps to maximize an athlete’s performance potential.

What Exactly Is Sports Massage Anyway?

Sports massage is geared towards individuals who are athletes or participate in physical activities like sports, dance, martial arts and bodybuilding among many other physical pursuits. This massage form helps the person prepare, recover and maintain their bodies, especially the overworked muscle groups, for some type of athletic activity.

A sports massage may even help prevent common sports related injuries to muscles, joints and other body structures. Sometimes, the professional massage therapist divides massage sessions into pre-activity massage, post-activity massage and continuing maintenance massages.

Is a Sports Massage the Same as a Swedish Massage?

A Swedish massage is meant to be a more relaxing manipulation of the muscles, and a deep tissue massage is designed to manipulate those deeper tissues to work out those kinks and strains often felt following intense athletic type workouts or activities. A sports massage utilizes some of the beneficial components of a deep tissue massage, but a sports massage also combines elements from traditional Swedish massage techniques for a compound beneficial effect.

What Is the History of Sports Related Massages?

Although the term sports massage is something that is relatively new to the health industry, the history of sports related massage techniques can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Both Greek and Roman cultures revered athletes who often trained hard and long to compete with other athletes in barbaric athletic competitions where each athlete would fight till the death of one competitor.

These ancient people groups included massage therapy into their athletic training. In a similar fashion, ancient Asian cultures also incorporated various massage techniques into training that dance and martial arts students were required to complete.

Other Key Benefits of Sports Massages Explained

Proponents of sports massage maintain that this massage type may help increase an athlete’s flexibility and may encourage increased blood circulation to starved muscles needing new supplies of oxygen and other nutrients. This massage might help prevent or decrease development of scar tissue, swelling, pain and stiffness from injuries when performed by a skilled sports massage therapist.

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