What is knee osteoarthritis ?

Knee OA is a degenerative condition which means that the onset may be after a traumatic event, repeated use (with poor ergonomics), or maybe caused by sedentary behavior.

The symptoms of knee OA include pain at or around the knee, the presence of swelling, morning stiffness with progressive pain, and the feeling of soreness but feels better once we are up and moving. The Level of pain can be affected by controlled, specific, prescribed exercise.



Through hands-on Care- manipulation, soft tissue therapies, and specific exercises. Our aim is to target pain relief, improved quality of life, and ability to engage in everyday life.

Education, which may be provided to you by members of your allied health care team (e.g., chiropractor), is extremely important in achieving optimal results from management. It aims to help you to gain a more in-depth understanding of your condition, make informed decisions about your care, and develop strategies to manage your symptoms and cope in everyday life. Its purpose is to help you to engage in your everyday activities more easily and effectively