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Low self-esteem is one of the key symptoms of anxiety and depression. Self-esteem counseling will help you make sense of who you are, and help you integrate new healthier ways of thinking about yourself. It helps you recognize the cause and monitor negative beliefs, doubt, and anxiety in order to alleviate painful feelings and enables you to take constructive action.

Low Self-Esteem Counselling

If left untreated, low self-esteem it can lead to eating disorders and food issues, social anxiety, and self-harm. Their symptoms often present with signs of rebellion and victimhood. They may stop doing hobbies or can’t enjoy activities. They may participate in self-destructive behavior such as drug abuse. They may stop paying attention to their hygiene.

Low self-esteem in children is usually the result of criticism, abuse, and bullying. Low self-esteem in adults is thought to be the result of anything that could prove to be demoralizing, such as breakups or losing their job. Anything that would, in their eyes, ruin their self-worth, confidence, and resilience.

Those with low self-esteem will drown themselves in self-doubt. This leaves them little time for productivity and interferes with their school and work. Socially, they feel that they are unworthy of love. They might fall in love too fast and end up in an abusive situation. They might try to bully others to get attention. They constantly fight the fear of rejection.

Self Esteem Counselling Goals

The goal of self-esteem therapy is to teach those with low-self esteem how to challenge negativities, take care of themselves, and relax. They learn that fighting this requires a new perspective on life. They learn to surround themselves with positive people, try new things, and accept themselves for who they are.

Self-Esteem Therapy is usually a group therapy treatment. The patient has a chance to interact with his or her peers while learning to have a positive new perspective. The group environment allows them to test out their new behaviors in an environment that is safe and comfortable.

Activities and worksheets play a big part in Self-Esteem therapy. The worksheets are especially valuable as they can track overall progress in their views of themselves. They develop self-confidence through role-play exercises in the group setting.

How Self-Esteem Counselling Can Help

Through self-esteem therapy, the patient has learned to challenge negativities. They are once again concerned with their hygiene and are taking care of themselves. They can try new things. They accept themselves.

In the workplace, they become energetic participants. Their productivity goes up. In a sales environment, their profits grow.

Athletes who overcome negative self-esteem symptoms enjoy greater confidence. They are less injury prone because they can now pay attention to detail. If they have been injured and are in a healing protocol, they will confront their physical therapy with a new determination.

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