Soo Yin Ooi

Occupational Therapist - Wellness Consultant

Soo Yin is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist who received her Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) with Honours in 2016 from Curtin University. She has completed her Honours Research in Bali, with the emphasis of school readiness skills. She also had the opportunity to work with children with severe physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities and developmental delays.

Soo Yin has a strong interest in Soft Tissue Therapy and has recently completed the Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy Course. She is passionate about incorporating her skills using a holistic approach into workplace ergonomics to allow higher productivity, efficiency and comfort at work whilst preventing work-related injuries. Based on understanding the complex and dynamic interactions among the person, the environment and the occupation, she strives to contribute as part of a solid multidisciplinary team in Perth Wellness Centre.

Soo Yin is currently part of the Western Australia Occupational Therapy Association and she continues to upkeep with standards of excellence in professional development.

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