Anne Bettink

Occupational Therapist - Wellness Consultant

Anne Bettink graduated from Curtin University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Science. Anne has worked as an OT in numerous rural hospitals and had the great opportunity to work in an isolated community in Cambodia with a multidisciplinary team. Recently, Anne has been working as a soft tissue Occupational Therapist through a cross fit gym.

Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy is Anne’s passion and the approach to treatment never ceases to amaze her. Occupational Therapy allows her to analyze a person as a whole, with a unique perspective and approach to treatment. This unique person-centered approach allows her to then facilitate the best outcomes for her clients, promoting ideal performance in their chosen occupations. This contributes greatly to their well-being.

Anne Bettink is excited to be involved in the cooperate health of Perth Wellness Centre completing ergonomic assessments and providing recommendations to assist with work-related injuries and prevention. Anne is passionate about working with not only the person, but also their environment that causes issues contributing to the pain they experience.

Anne enjoys playing soccer, cooking, exercising (cross fit) and traveling down south to help on the family dairy farm.

Quality of life can be improved through proper allied health care!