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What does it take to make someone a great athlete? The first thing you might guess would be talent, and you wouldn’t be wrong. A great athlete is one who is confident, committed, motivated and controlled in addition to talented.

Sports Psychology is a program that looks not only at the athlete, but at the team and the coach as well. An athlete can be motivated and winning in one environment but unmotivated and uncaring in another. By focusing on the components that make an athlete great, a team cohesive, and a coach successful and respected, you have all of the pieces of the puzzle of an effective and winning team.

What to Expect from Sports Psychology

On an individual level, we will work with your athlete to find out what motivates them. If their performance has recently fallen off, we will help them figure out why the decrease in output. If they have suddenly become quiet and withdrawn, we will help them discover what could be driving this new behavior.

On a team level, we will work with the entire team on communication and cohesiveness. By putting the team in situations where they need to produce something together, we show them what it means to be a team. By working on the communications skills between them, we will see a more cohesive attitude in the team as a whole.

On a coaching level, we will work with the coach by first observing their interaction with their team. We will look at record of success. We will look at their experience. We will look at how the coach communicates with the teams; how they motivate their teams.

How Sports Psychology Can Help

Sports psychology has many merits. Improving the motivation within the individual athletes, the communication within the teams, and the examples provided by the coaching staff, you will come away with a team that knows how to participate in their sport as a team.

Once you get the team motivated as one, you can begin to see them work as a single entity. This also applies to the single athlete and their coach. Perhaps their communication broke down. By fixing their communication, you are fixing their relationship.

There is also the individual athlete who has been winning and whose performance suddenly goes down. Sports psychologists will work with that individual to learn what drives them, what has changed, and what needs to change in order for them to be successful again.

Sports psychology is effective on an individual, a team, or their leader. By getting them to look at their own skills and behaviors, you can translate that into stronger individuals, teams, and leaders.

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  • On an individual level, you will see your athlete become more committed, motivated, and confident.
  • On a team level, you will see greater communication between the team members and between the team and the coach. This new communication will lead to cohesiveness between them.
  • With the coaching staff, you will see more awareness of the team as a whole and the individuals on the team. The coach will do more to motivate his or her charges.