I am currently working with Stirling Macedonia FC as a physiotherapist. I go to their club every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (game day) to treat players from the top team, reserve, and U-18 if needed. Recently, I have seen quite a few hamstring strains. I think it is a good time to give you an example of how we work at the sporting club. Through this article, you can get some ideas of what you need to do when you get strains (muscle tissue injury).

I will start by introducing what kind of treatment we usually provide to the players with a hamstring strain.

Previously I mentioned new ideas of dealing with soft tissue injuries in the acute stage on “Do you know the Acronyms PEACE & LOVE for Soft Tissue Injuries?”. Please have a look at that article. Once the acute stage has passed and before going back to team training, if the players have not received proper recovery programs, they might re-injure the hamstrings again in short time. So, having rehabilitation from early stages would be important to return to playing quickly while preventing a recurring injury.

Generally, the players have prescribed exercises for hamstrings strength and mobility within different type of programs. However, we usually add some trunk exercises with the hamstrings programs. It is because the hamstrings are attached to the pelvis. If players cannot move and/or stabilise their pelvis and trunk effectively, it would influence their ability to change directions quickly or sprint.

Therefore, during the recovery periods, it would be beneficial to include trunk exercises to improve their overall performance. If we think about human anatomy, certain groin muscles are also attached to the pelvis, so it would be supportive for preventing groin strains as well.

Overall, what we provide is not only treatment for the injured part also about injury prevention and enhancing their performance effectively through the rehabilitation period. We think it would be important to maintain everyone’s sporting or exercise capabilities in long term.

If you have a muscle injury, please make an appointment with us. Our physiotherapists will assess what types of injury you have and will provide treatment and management plans to improve your condition. Again, we see your whole body, not focusing on your injury. So, through the sessions with you, we are happy if we can help you to improve your condition in long term.

Sherry, Marc A., and Thomas M. Best. “A comparison of 2 rehabilitation programs in the treatment of acute hamstring strains.” Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy 34.3 (2004): 116-125.


私は今、Stirling Macedonia FCというサッカーチームで理学療法士として選手を見ています。クラブには毎週火曜日、木曜日、土曜日の試合に行って選手の治療にあたっています。主にトップチーム、リザーブチーム、アンダー18の選手をみています。
“Do you know the Acronyms PEACE & LOVE for Soft Tissue Injuries?”という記事の中で怪我をした直後にどのようにしたら良いかというのは話していますので、もしよかったらご覧ください。その直後の炎症の時期が過ぎ、チームの練習に戻っていく前にもし適切な治療を受けていなかったら、すぐに同じ怪我をしてしまうかもしれません。同じ怪我を防ぐ予防と一緒に早期にプレーに戻るために早期のリハビリは重要となってきます。